SES Projects: City Merchandise, Inc.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Sector: Commercial Manufacturing
System Size: 68.4 kilowatts (kW) System Installed: 2008
Module: Suntech
Inverters: Fronius
Annual Energy Output: 76,392 kilowatt-hours (kWh)
Emissions Offset:
Carbon Dioxide: 97,780 lb/yr
Nitrogen Oxides: 87.09 lb/yr
Sulfur Dioxide: .4584 lb/yr


In the fall of 2009, Solar Energy Systems, LLC (SES), installed Brooklyn’s largest commercial solar PV system at City Merchandise in Sunset Park. City Merchandise, Inc., is the largest souvenir distributor in New York. The 68.4 kW system provides for 100 percent of the electricity needs at City Merchandise. And any excess power produced feeds back into the Con Ed grid, available for use by others, crediting City Merchandise for that power.

The Experience

SES, headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, designed and engineered the solar system, then subcontracted area contractors for the build/install. It is a point of pride that this system was made possible by the brains, the engineering, the muscle and teamwork of local Brooklyn businesses. Josh Keller, the Executive Director of Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, affirms that, “The borough’s largest industrial solar array has been made possible by the hard work and collaborative efforts of Brooklyn-based contractors and installers.”

The Result

“All of our electricity is now supplied by our solar system. And as a travel-related firm, our souvenirs make tourism to NYC more eco-friendly, and that is very important to us,” says Jack Gindi, owner of City Merchandise, which has been designing, manufacturing and catering to NYC’s souvenir needs for over 20 years.

David Buckner, President of Solar Energy Systems, says, “City Merchandise has both a sizable roof and an efficient business operation, the combination of which allows for a solar project that completely offsets its annual electricity needs.  Not only is it generating clean on-site electricity, it is at the same time achieving an extremely healthy return on investment. Welcome to the future.”

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