SES Projects: Mazza & Sons Demolition and Recycling

Location: Tinton Falls, NJ
Sector: Industrial
System Size: 281.26 kilowatts (kW) System Installed: 2008
Module: Kyocera
Inverter: Xantrex
Annual Energy Output: 284,140 kilowatt-hours (kWh)

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In the case of Mazza & Sons, a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) proved to be the perfect way to make solar energy a cost-effective investment.

Mazza & Sons, founded in 1964, is a full-service recycling and demolition company that handles 1,110 tons of construction, demolition and bulky-waste debris daily. Mazza & Sons electricity requirments are substantial, with metal balers, recycling sorting systems, HVAC equipment, and lighting all contributing to the overall consumption.

“When we decided to incorporate renewable energy, our goals were to generate enough solar electricity to power our Material Recycling Facility and to reduce our need to buy energy from the utility grid,” said President and Owner, Dominick Mazza Sr. “The solar panels SES installed are able to produce 50 to 60 percent of the electricity the facility consumes, and that means at least $25,000 of energy savings in just the first year, so we are very pleased with our decision.”

A key feature of SPPA financing: Mazza & Sons will never incur any installation or maintenance costs for its PV system. A third party, Soltage, Inc., financed the installation and acts as the owner of the solar electric system. Mazza & Sons has, in turn, agreed to purchase all of the power the system generates. The amount that Mazza & Sons pays Soltage for its solar electricity is locked-in for the duration of their 15-year contract at a rate lower than is expected, which enables Mazza & Sons to remain below its cost for traditional utility power. When the SPPA expires, Mazza & Sons will have the option of buying the system outright for a negotiated price. Until then, Mazza & Sons Demolition and Recycling will continue to fortify its “green” business, realizing significant cost-savings in the process.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA)

Commercial SPPA providers can enable businesses, schools, governments and utilities to benefit from predictable, renewable energy.

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