SES Projects: millerblaker, Architectural Woodworking

Location: Bronx, NY
Sector: Industrial
System Size: 46.656 kilowatts (kW) System Installed: 2009
Module: Sharp
Inverter: SMA
Annual Energy Output: 52,475 kilowatt-hours (kWh)

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Since 1974, millerblaker, an architectural woodworking company in the Bronx, has been creating beautiful custom furniture, cabinetry, doors and wood paneling for clients such as the New York Public Library, MTV Networks, and St. Bernard’s School in Manhattan. The full-service woodworking facility uses a considerable amount of electricity, with utility bills up to $150,000 per year. Solar Energy Systems, LLC, designed and built the 46.6 kW PV system that now alleviates millerblaker’s energy costs and serves to realize millerblaker’s continued commitment to the environment.

The SES Experience

According to Cliff Blaker, President of millerblaker, his company’s goals for the project were to “get maximum benefit for the cost of the system—generating as much of our own electricity as possible. We also wanted to avoid any disruption to operations in our factory and elsewhere in the building,” he said, adding, “Solar Energy Systems, LLC, designed and installed a system that enabled us to do all of that.”

“SES was thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. They took our energy needs and goals into account and presented all of the options, costs and financing programs available to us. We were able to come up with a plan and follow it—we didn’t have to decide anything on the fly,” says Mr. Blaker. “Our entire experience with SES was positive and favorable. They were very professional in their approach and did exactly what they said they would—there were no surprises. We consider Solar Energy Systems to be an excellent company to work with and are very pleased that we made the decision to use SES on our project. We would be happy to recommend them in the future,” he concluded.

The Result

The project received financial support from the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BODEC), as well as incentives, rebates and tax credits secured with assistance from SES, which reduced the total cost by $165,000, or nearly 30 percent.

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