SES Projects: National Grid Service Center

Location: Staten Island, NY
Sector: Commercial Service Facility
System Size: 50.4 kilowatts (kW) System Installed: 2008
Module: General Electric
Rack: Solar Dock
Inverter: Satcon
Annual Energy Output: 59,841 kilowatt-hours (kWh)

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Solar Energy Systems, LLC, designed and engineered a ballasted 50 kW PV system on the roof of the National Grid Service Center on Staten Island, NY. In addition to the facility in Staten Island, SES also designed and built PV systems for the National Grid Energy Management team at its facility in Melville, NY, as well as for a third-party site in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY. National Grid Energy Management, LLC, is pledged to provide its customers with renewable energy options that save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment.

The Experience

At the Staten Island Service Center, SES chose to use the ballasting rack system from SolarDock, combined with General Electric’s Power PVP-200 Modules, given the size of the roof, the wind-lift zoning, and mandate for no roof penetrations.

David Buckner, President of Solar Energy Systems, LLC, said, "SES and NG are strong partners. Both teams are committed to building renewable energy alternatives with a good payback for the customer and a good return for the environment. It's important that a huge energy player like the National Grid is actually living by its own promise to its customers "

To see the PV system that SES designed and built with National Grid Energy Management, LLC, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, click here:

To see the PV system that SES designed and built with National Grid Energy Management, LLC, at the NG Melville Hub Center in Melville, NY, click here:

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