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Queens Goes Solar with Solar Energy Systems, LLC, (SES) and Novelty Crystal Corporation in Long Island City, NY

NEW YORK, April 27, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Solar Energy Systems, LLC, (SES) designed, engineered and installed a 49.1 kW solar PV system for the Novelty Crystal Corporation in Queens, New York. Novelty's solar system will produce 55,686 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, with a complete economic return on its investment in two years. Furthermore, the system will reduce carbon pollution by 52,895 pounds per year, which is equivalent to planting 4.09 acres of trees per year and reducing auto-driving miles by 63,474 miles annually.

For 49 years the Michaeli family, owner of Novelty Crystal Corporation, has made astute business decisions. Novelty Crystal is at the forefront of product development, industry innovation, and market trends in the catering industry. So it was no surprise when the Michaeli brothers, Vice Presidents Joseph and Asher, decided to go solar. They enlisted SES to design, build and integrate their 49.1 kW PV system.

Vice President Asher Michaeli of Novelty Crystal states, "My brother, Joe, and I have long been interested in solar. A few years ago, when the price of energy was rising dramatically, we looked into the economics of installing a PV system. At the time, the breakeven was too long. Last year, new programs to encourage solar installations shortened the investment recovery period, and Solar Energy Systems, LLC, made us aware of the new benefits." Mr. Michaeli adds, "Additionally, due to the federal stimulus, added benefits became available, making the installation an even better opportunity, cutting the breakeven down to less than two years--so we moved ahead with the project."

David Buckner, President of SES, says, "Novelty Crystal has taken a leading stance in Queens with its solar PV installation by generating clean on-site power. Novelty Crystal is also supporting the surrounding area's utility grid by exporting excess energy during those times when its solar production is greater than its electricity consumption." Buckner adds, "Financially, the project is also a huge winner with an extremely strong return on investment. As the designer and builder, SES is extremely proud to be a part of this project right here in our backyard."

"The solar energy system Novelty Crystal Corporation is installing will help this company reduce its energy consumption from the grid and, by partnering with NYSERDA, is helping reduce both the short-term costs of installing the system and the long-term costs of its energy supply for many years to come," says Francis J. Murray Jr., President and CEO of NYSERDA. "Smart investments like this will help New York achieve Governor David Paterson's clean-energy goals, which will improve our energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions overall."

Long Island City Business Development Corporation (LICBDC), the business services nonprofit that has assisted thousands of LIC companies since 1979, fully supports solar PV installations. Debbie Mesloh, LICBDC's Industrial Business Zone Manager, says, "We're encouraging all of our industrial clients to take advantage of available incentives, which make greening their businesses more affordable. Not only does it lower their energy bills but it allows them to sell excess electricity back to Con Ed." She further adds, "LICBDC is happy to be working with a company such as Novelty Crystal."

About Novelty Crystal Corporation

Novelty Crystal is the leading manufacturer of plastic catering products such as serving trays, bowls, tumblers, pitchers, stemware and serving accessories. Novelty's manufacturing and distribution facilities are in Long Island City, New York, and Central Florida. Novelty Crystal Corporation --Leading the Way. Find more information at, or call 718.458.6700.

About Solar Energy Systems, LLC (SES)

Founded in 1998, SES is one of the Northeast's leading full-service integrators of commercial, PV solar electric systems. SES specializes in delivering turnkey, cost-effective, and reliable solar energy solutions to a diverse range of clients in government, private business and the nonprofit sector. The SES base for operations, management and design is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Additional project management and business development efforts are coordinated from offices in Newark, New Jersey, and Hawthorne, New York. Find more information at, or call 718.389.1545.

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