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NYC’s Broadway Stages Powers Facilities with Solar Energy


DATE:            April 22, 2011

Broadway Stages, New York's premier Film and Television Production facility, has made an unparalleled commitment to renewable energy by installing 50,000 square feet of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the roof-tops of seven of their sound stages in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  By going Solar, Broadway Stages, home to the CBS Emmy award-winning TV series, The Good Wife, is making a powerful financial and environmental impact on this Greenpoint Brooklyn community. Broadway Stages has seized the opportunity to offset 30% of their annual electricity consumption, while realizing a short-term return on their investment.

Facing rising utility costs coupled with their expanded business plan, Broadway Stages’ executives Tony and Gina Argento needed to reduce their operation’s dependence on the NYC electric-power grid. Broadway Stages teamed up with Brooklyn-based Solar Energy Systems, LLC (SES), and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to develop an energy plan to generate their own power. The plan begins with seven solar PV systems, and continues to grow their renewable portfolio as future stage roofs become available.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages is proud of the impact of the solar PV systems remarking, “For Broadway Stages, our ongoing commitment to installing solar PV systems reflects our dedication to providing cutting edge services to the film industry, and our desire to improve the communities in Brooklyn and Queens where we provide services. Broadway Stages is proud to build an energy infrastructure project that provides a long term benefit to our neighborhood."

The solar photovoltaic (PV) system designed, engineered, and installed by SES will produce one-third of Broadway Stages’ annual power demand.  John Salmon, Director of Business Development for Solar Energy Systems (SES) states,  “This system will produce half a million kilo-watt hours each year –delivering close to $100,000 in electrical cost savings for Broadway Stages annually.   It will offset over 822,000 lbs of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of planting over 8500 street trees in this community.  These meaningful results illustrate the powerful return on investment from harnessing energy from the sun.” In addition to the seven installed solar systems, Broadway Stages and SES are in the design and engineering phase for PV systems to be installed on in-construction additions to the Broadway Stages campus.

Chris Collins, Executive Director of Solar One, New York City’s first solar-powered Green Energy, Arts, and Education Center, says, “It is this kind of validation – having a private sector real estate owner/developer embrace the benefits of solar power – that will encourage other real estate portfolios to explore the benefits of solar for their properties.”

NYSERDA President, and CEO, Francis J. Murray states, “Film production is an energy intensive industry, and I commend Broadway Stages for its commitment to using clean, renewable energy that will reduce its environmental impact.  This project represents an important contribution to our efforts to create a more sustainable future for our state, and to meet our ambitious energy reduction goals.”


About Broadway Stages

Broadway Stages is one of New York City's largest full-service film, television, and music video production facilities. Broadway Stages has been an integral part of Brooklyn and Queens for over a quarter century. The company and their clients have employed thousands of people in New York City and have created hundreds of jobs. Broadway Stages has worked with every Hollywood movie studio on feature films such as: It’s Complicated, Spiderman 3, Michael Clayton, Funny Games, Pride & Glory, No Reservations, Duplicity, The Bounty and The Good Shepherd.

Some of the recent television productions produced include: award winning The Good Wife on Solar-powered Stage 10, critically acclaimed Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Rescue Me, Kings, Third Watch, Lipstick Jungle, Bored to Death.

Broadway Stages has hosted hundreds of music video productions by such notable artists as: Jay-Z, Eminem, Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz.  Agencies produce dozens of commercials for National and Regional campaigns for major retailers such as Macy’s and Target.  Broadway Stages also provides facilities for still photography including shoots for fashion, music and lifestyle magazines.


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