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Established in 1998, Solar Energy Systems is a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) integrator, providing solid, turnkey solar solutions to customers in the New York Tristate Area, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. From developing financing options to operating your system, SES will create a program that is custom-made for you. We are not allied with any one manufacturer. We recommend and utilize only the most appropriate, highest quality components to suit the unique needs of your site.

Site Analysis:The first step determines whether on-site solar generation is feasible and makes economic sense for you. SES performs rigorous qualitative evaluations of all the factors that will determine the long-term viability of your PV installation, including existing electrical infrastructure, shading issues, and roof condition.

Design/Engineer: SES will specify components and create detailed construction drawings and electrical schematics. Designs may include structural reinforcements, or electrical upgrades to your existing system, necessary for successful solar PV integration. All final code-compliant designs are submitted for approval to the proper authorities, including the utility and local building departments.

Purchasing/Leasing: SES is committed to delivering solutions that meet your financial needs as well as your energy goals. We help you navigate available incentives, get the best return on your investment, and secure appropriate project financing. SES Renewable Assets (SESRA) provides financing options for solar systems. Options include power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar leases that minimize or eliminate the cost of ownership. With solar PPAs, SESRA finances, builds, operates, and maintains solar energy systems, enabling an installation at your site with no up-front capital expenditure. Instead of purchasing solar equipment, you purchase solar electricity, as it is generated, typically at a reduced rate.

Build: Once all approvals have been secured, construction begins. All electrical work is performed by licensed electrical contractors. SES Construction Supervisors are on-site to oversee the installation process from beginning to end, ensuring that your system is built in strict accordance with design, code, and safety specifications.

Maintain: SES projects are designed and engineered in-house to maximize the life and optimize the performance of each system under real-world conditions—more than 15 megawatts installed, and counting. The commitment SES has toward its customers lasts well beyond the commissioning of the solar electric system: Our comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service department offers system monitoring, performance reporting, and 24-hour responsive service. Furthermore, SES offers preventative maintenance contracts for commercial systems currently in operation under the conditions of existing warranty.

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