Incentives / Financing: SES Renewable Assets (SESRA)

SES Renewable Assets (SESRA) provides financing options for solar systems at little or no up-front cost to our customers. Options include power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar leases that minimize or eliminate the cost of ownership.

With solar PPAs, SESRA finances, builds, operates, and maintains solar energy systems, enabling an installation at your site with no up-front capital expenditure. Instead of purchasing solar equipment, you purchase solar electricity, as it is generated, typically at a reduced rate.

Why a PPA with SESRA?

  • SESRA is not only the PPA provider but also the engineer and installer.
  • SESRA ensures that the interests of the system installation and the financing of that system are in complete alignment.
  • SESRA owns the system—a major incentive for our certified tech team to design, build, and maintain the most productive system possible.

Benefits of PPA or Solar Lease Financing

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Hedge against rising and volatile energy costs
  • Zero operations and maintenance expenses. SES will operate and maintain the system with its in-house tech team.
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Free up cash for core business investments

For information about financing options for your solar investment, please contact:

John Salmon
Director of Business Development
(718) 389-1545 x12

Please fill out our free Solar Evaluation form to see if your property is eligible for solar. We will contact you shortly to discuss the applicable financing options for your potential commercial project.

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